The most important principles of hospitality are today the same as they have always been; to produce excellent dishes at high quality, serve them with style and temper.
Greetings from our corporate chef: Lajos Bíró, executive chef: Viktor Varju and head chefs: Richard Domján & Zoltan Danó

Basket of bread
400 HUF
Butter with or without salt
300 HUF
Fresh cream cheese from Vászoly
1 700 HUF
Marinated parsnip with cream cheese remoulade
1 700 HUF
Oven-baked beetroot with Balsamic vinegar
1 700 HUF
Red onion-green pepper (sweet-spicy)
400 HUF
Home made mixed cold plate from the chef’s pantry
170 HUF
Hortobágy pancakes
2 400 HUF
Goose foie gras sushi 3pcs
3 400 HUF
Goose foie gras sushi 1 piece
1 400 HUF
Beef tartar gratinated with cream cheese from Vászoly
3 400 HUF
Cold goose liver in its own fat
3 700 HUF
Hungarian "lecsó" with spicy sausage
2 400 HUF
Tiger prawns with garlic in chili-infused oil 6pcs
3 400 HUF
Beef meat soup with marrow bone
1 700 HUF
Traditional bison goulash
1 500 HUF
Main dishes
Wiener Schnitzel "Bock" style with bio potato
3 400 HUF
Ox-cheek „Retro Style”
3 700 HUF
Beef tenderloin "Budapest" style
6 300 HUF
Filet of pike-perch with sauerkraut "Székely" style
4 700 HUF
Aged prime ribeye steak 500g
17 400 HUF
Chicken paprikas with noodles
3 900 HUF
Bizarre ice cream selection (Tobacco, black banana, sausage)
1 600 HUF
"Vargabéles" baked pasta with cottage cheese
1 400 HUF
Old fashioned Somlói cake
1 400 HUF
Homemade ice cream
500 HUF
Selection of Hungarian handmade cheese, served with mustard flavoured tomato jam
3 100 HUF
Fresh baby greens with dressing and parmesan
1 500 HUF
Cucumber salad “Mezőgyáni” style
900 HUF
Roasted paprika salad with sour cream
900 HUF

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