Erzsébet körút 43-49.
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Bock Bisztró Pest weekly offer
Green peas soup with asparagus and marinated beetroot
1 400 HUF
Mackarel ceviche
2 400 HUF
Stuffed gourd with deep fired milt
2 100 HUF
Strawberry-kefir strudel
1 400 HUF
Main dishes
Pork "Bacalao" with Bottagra
3 700 HUF
Cod fish filet with dill and summer cabbage
4 400 HUF
Sturgeon with musroom risotto
4 100 HUF
Veal knuckle with salad sauce
4 100 HUF
Duck breast with rubarb and salty "Vargabéles"
4 400 HUF
Duck stew with pasta and asparagus
3 700 HUF
The dishes on the menu may change during the day!
In 2004, Lajos Bíró (executive chef), József Bock (famous winemaker), Kálmán Reményik and Attila Virág decided to bring something new to Budapest.
31 May 2016
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Personal opinion
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As part of the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, Bock Bistro has a beautiful venue from which to offer its impressive variety of wines, and of course some of the best traditional Hungarian food around.
Exceptionally kind service, a great atmosphere on top of great food and drink is about all anyone could ask for, isn’t it?